Title Name Research Interests Courses Offerred
Center Director Yang, Connie Guang-Hwa International Economic/Trade Law, International Financial Law Seminar on International Financial Law(I) (II), Independent Research, Understanding the International Economic Law(undergraduate)
Researcher Shih, Wen-Chen International Economic/Trade Law, International Environmental Law International Economic Law(I) , International Economic and Trade Law(undergraduate), Advanced Topics on International Economic Law
Researcher Yang, Pei-Kan International Economic/Trade Law, International Health Law, Arbitration International Economic and Trade Law、Legal Methods, Advanced Seminar on WTO Law: Dispute Settlement,
Researcher Hsueh Ching-Wen International Trade Law, European Economic Law, International Commercial Arbitration Law International Economic and Trade Law, Management of International Trade, Independent Research
Advisory Board Member Lo Chang-Fa International Economic/Trade Law, Government Procurement Law, Arbitration, International Health Law
Advisory Board Member Chang Shin-Pyng International Trade Law, Maritime Law
Advisory Board Member Horng Der-Chin International Economic/Trade Law, European Law
Advisory Board Member Tsai, Meng-Jia International Trade Law, Management of International Trade
Advisory Board Member Lin Tsai-Yu International Economic/Trade Law, International Health Law
Advisory Board Member Peng Shine-Yi International Economic/Trade Law, Telecommunications Law & Policy